My title

I’m a married dude that thinks marriage is freakin awesome and deserves to be celebrATED. My wife and I are both coffee snobs. we love pizza, cake and chinese food. we like to hike, camp and road trip (pretty big on the road trips)

I love to hang with my friends and family and when it’s warm out i ride motorcycles and work on my 4runner. i also like to grill out, but i’m reallllyy bad at it haha. rainy days are for breaking bad, stranger things and prison break.

[ I am currently based in Colorado and am available for travel.]

my thoughts on weddings + photography


If you’re breaking away from tradition and doing your own thing, whether that be eloping on a mountain top or in a friends backyard: I’m about it.

If you’re gathering with your family and a few of your closest friends to say your vows and make a promise to forever: I’m about it.

If you’re hiking all night to catch the sunrise to say your vows: I’m so about it!


I want you to have fun! I’m not about a ton of pressure or awkward poses. If you want to bring snacks & drinks please do.

I promise to shoot, edit and give you photos that are timeless. There are lots of “washed out” or “under edited” trends that will someday be super dated.

Third. I believe that excellent photos happen in the moment. The images that I look for (and I believe you’ll love) are the images that happen in the unexpected. They are the emotion and noise that happens organically.

PC: Emily Capisciolto