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Just a few reasons why I like HB and why you will too.  

I’ve tried a few methods to manage bookings and inquiries. I tried the spreadsheet way for a long time but found it to be oh so tedious. I tried just keeping track of everything in google calendar, but sometimes it wouldn’t sync to my phone or a reminder wouldn’t go off. I’ve tried having notifications set on my gmail app so I know when I get an inquiry, but that didn’t really work. 

Then I heard about Honeybook, the sweet sweet honey comb for managing your own beezness. 

I wasn’t sold immediately, I'm super skeptical so I did some research and I tried a big competitor of HB but the system didn’t have a mobile app and it reminded me of a Microsoft finance document.

I didn’t like it. 

So I went back to HB and after one year of using the service I’m happy with it. HB has enabled me to be notified as soon as I get an inquiry and respond swifter than lightening. 

I use it to draft and deliver all wedding and portrait photography contracts. I also use it for pricing and receiving invoices! It's SO nice to have EVERYTHING in one place organized in an easy-to-find-way.

It has a calendar that syncs with my gmail calendar. I get notifications 1 week before an event and an additional reminder the day before. It’s super user friendly and the customer support team that HB has is superb! 

It has saved me time and energy. It has saved me money and helped me book more work which I’m so thankful for. If you’re on the fence about it, sign up for their trial and give it a try. 

You can use this referral code to get 50% off your first year.