Hi there. 

I'm probably going to say something really dumb and hope it makes you laugh. I'm going to geek out with you over all the little details of your celebration. I'm going to help you with everything and anything that you need. I know that wedding planning is insane and if you've made it this far, you're almost there. 

I'm often asked what style of photography I do.... I've never been good with colorful adjectives but I'd say my style reflects how passionate I am about catching the in-between moments, the candids, the unposed and non-traditional shots. I'm about documenting everything.. so that when you look at each photo they tell a story. Your story! The one you want to have remembered for a lifetime. 

I'm never good with biographies so first know that I'm not going to go on about how much I love photography because obviously I do. Wouldn't that be dumb if I didn't? I'm also not going to tell you that I'm obsessed with donuts nor do I rescue whales or anything rad like that. I'm a simple man. I just love what I do. 

You can find me eating Thai food. I prefer Thai over Tacos. Tacos are kind of overrated anyway. You can also find me bombing around Michigan on my 81 Honda or planning my next trip to Asia. Most days you can find me responding to emails, editing hundreds of photos or making random things out of Lake Michigan drift wood. This is getting way too random so I'm going to stop. 

Lets grab coffee so we can get to know each other. Tell me your story and lets create something awesome together! 

Just navigate your way to the contact tab and drop me an email. If you don't hear from me within 48 hours feel free to send me an email directly: samuelmarzphotographer@gmail.com


If I'm booked on the date you need me DON'T WORRY I'll help you find a photographer. I'm blessed to work with a few incredibly talented photographers that I can refer you to. 


PC: Olive + Ivy Photography

PC: Sarah Jane Photography