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Hi there!
I’ve been telling myself and all the social media’s that I will blog more, especially personal work so here’s a go at it.

I do believe it’s so important for photographers to take a break from shooting “work” to just document for fun with no expectation or delivery time frame. (I’m still working to make this a habit) but I’ve been carrying my Fujifilm camera more often and it has been giving me much life, especially when doing things like hanging in California with my hunny.

While on this “journey” of carrying my camera more often, I’ve found my all time favorite camera strap. (shameless plug) Todd handcrafts these in beautiful full-grain leather with anchor attachments that attach/detach easily… so if you shoot two bodies with a Holdfast Gear Money Maker (or something similar for work) it allows you to switch systems in a whim.

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If I were to move again, I’d probably choose California. I love being close to the ocean, the mountains and the desert, ya know?


Mel’s face the moment a giant gust of wind blew my hat off a cliff and into the ocean.


Sometimes (most times) things don’t go as planned. It seems life will forever be this way, maybe that’s why I don’t really like making plans. The above picture is basic as heck, but it’s also on a day when we found out our flights were cancelled for the 5th time, it was -30 outside, we were hungry and the hotel kind of smelled weird. Anyway, perfect time for a high school selfie.



I love living out west… give me all the mountains and desert plains, but sometimes I really miss the coast.


it’s art

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 Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


it was pretty neat, we saw lots of Joshua Trees


That’s all.

This is my attempt at sharing some personal work and hopefully a reminder to not stop doing what you love, even when it gets mundane.

Yosemite National Park Destination Elopement / Leigha + Branden


Leigha and Branden’s Destination Elopement at Taft Point, Yosemite National Park | National Park Elopement Photographer | California Wedding Photographer | Adventure Wedding at Taft Point


I’m not sure I even know where to start, Ive been so excited to put together this post so here it goes: I’ll start with Leigha and Branden cause cause they know what it’s all about, they totally went against culture and said no to a traditional wedding. They said no to all the stress. They said no to all the worry, money, stress (again), and more stress and all the awkward obligation to get married a certain way. They said no to spending thousands on a venue and food. They said no to a 12 hour day of being carted around for photos, cake cutting, and expected dances.

they said yes to each other.
they said yes to eloping.
[and yes to eating pizza with me once photos were finished lol]

They said yes to what matters most to them and that’s their love and commitment for each other. And they officially said yes to forever when they shared their beautifully written vows on the tip top edge of Taft Point, in Yosemite National Park. It was so peaceful and quiet, there were no distractions just us on the edge of a cliff. And to be able to be there, was just so powerful. I’m forever grateful for Leigha and Branden, thanks for letting me into your space and trusting me document it all.
Also just a little disclaimer, but this blog post is proof that you can do an engagement session and elope all within 24 hours and for this reason I decided to combine same favorites from both sessions into one place.


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